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Whenever you’re gathered in any kind of public area on the Internet there will always be a troll. You know what I’m talking about. Trolls are basically people who just post all sorts of outrageous shit just to get people riled up. They don’t really mean most of the things that they say. They just want to get people to really react violently. That’s what gets them up. That’s what gives them some sort of sick satisfaction.

Well, I’m sorry to report this but if you’ve been hanging out at online dating sites chances are you’re going to run into a troll there. Of course a troll on sexdating sites doesn’t go by the name of troll. They act in a completely different way, but believe it or not, they’re still trolling. I am of course talking about hecklers. These are guys who try to crack jokes and make all sorts of oft-colored responses regarding the members and their profile pictures. Let’s face it, if you’re in front of total strangers and you’re taking off your clothes and you’re trying to tease them, it’s already stressful enough as it is. The last thing you need is some jackass who’s trying to be cute or trying to draw her attention away from you. It’s no surprise then that hecklers can really ruin the experience for everybody. We’re not just talking about the members who feels embarrassed, insulted or otherwise assaulted. It’s also the other members of the audience. Luckily you won’t find those guys on luckfuck.com.

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