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I never even realized I had a “type” of girl until a friend pointed it out one night. I found myself in between relationships and thought a night out with the guys would be a good idea. At the first bar we attended, some chick came up and flirted with me a little, but I wasn’t hearing it. I was still hung up on my ex. We hit up quite a few bars before we called it a night, and still, I was going home alone. I thought I might end up hitting it off with some hot floosey and forgetting all about my heartache.

On the way to my apartment, my friend explained to me that the only reason I was going home alone, is because none of the girls that threw themselves at me throughout the night, were my “type”, which apparently only consists of brunettes. After considering his remark, I thought there might be something to it. As soon as I got home I went to brunette chat with live camera girls and my cock responded instantly. My friend was correct, for once.

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