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If you’re really serious about developing adult sex hookups, you might want to forget all about the other dating site advice that you have come across. That’s right, flush all that shit down the toilet because that’s what they are, absolute and total shit. I know this might come as a surprise to you because a lot of these articles seem to be well written. It seems that a lot of them make a lot of sense.

Maybe at some level of other, they may make sense, but I’m telling you right now most of that stuff out there is actually geared towards standard dating. You know what standard dating is. Standard dating is when you show up to a girl’s place with some chocolates and flowers and you court her. This is typical courtship. This is traditional dating. What’s wrong with this picture?

You’re looking for adult dating. In other words, you’re looking for sexual dating. Why are you going to apply dating tips that are based on a completely different type of dating to anonymous fuck buddy dating? They don’t mix. This is why most guys fail again and again in their search for adult sex hook-ups through

If you’re serious about taking your chances of success to the next level, you need to get rid of all that advice and focus on one thing and one thing alone. Focus on the fact that these women exist and that they’re looking for the exact same things you are looking for. They are looking for discretion.

That’s right, they’re not looking for the best-looking partners. They’re definitely not looking for guys with money. They’re looking for guys who can do the deed and can keep their mouth shut. If that’s what you’re looking for too, you increase your likelihood of success. However, if you throw in some emotional drama in there or if you throw in all sorts of misplaced assumptions and expectations, you will only end up sabotaging yourself. It really is that simple.

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