Have you ever thought about the fact that porn all happened in the past? Think about it. You’re watching people having sex in a prior time. Sure, some of it may have been the recent past, but it’s all already been done. I just can’t get that idea out of my head. Those people aren’t experiencing that pleasure now. Who knows what they’re doing. Are they at the DMV just waiting in line? Picking up their kids at daycare? Who knows where their lives have taken them. I have so many questions.

I start to get concerned. Is she ok? That looks like it hurt, did she recover? I really hope she didn’t pull something there. I find myself googling them mid jerk off just to see if they had updated their twitter feed with trips to a chiropractor or some shit.

At least with live cams it’s real time. I know they’re getting off with me. It’s now. And if something crazy happens I’m along for the ride. I use sexcamdiscounts.club to find the best deals on the hottest cam sites any time I’m ready for real live action.

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