I’m a busy guy. I work long hours and have to travel frequently so maintaining a relationship just isn’t in the cards for me right now. I’m still a guy with needs though, so I find myself watching porn on a regular basis. I don’t have time for storylines or anything like that, so I typically just fast forward to the good stuff and get the job done. When I found out I could get 15% off with a Legal Porno discount, I signed up right away. This is a site that satisfies all my sexual needs without dragging it out. 

Legal Porn consists of over 20+ sites that provide viewers with a wide array of sexual perversions. Cock sucking, Big Black Cocks, Double Anal Penetration, Deep Throat, Gaping, Ass to Mouth, Prolapse, Anal Creampies, Lesbians, Fisting, and much more are all on the menu here. This massive library consists of more than 7,500+ scenes that are sure to leave you with your balls completely drained. The action is in your face and intense. This is the kind of deal where you know you’re getting the most bang for your buck.


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Maybe I’m freaky, but then again maybe I’m not, just considering how many fetishes there are. I don’t have a fetish for honeymoon porn but I do have this thing where taboo type stuff gives me an extra bit of kick. Within moderation that is since the word taboo alone leaves the field way too wide open. I’m not turned on by sick shit.

I will however admit that I have on rare occasion searched honeymoon porn. There’s something sacred about that and when pics on vids of that is leaked or shared it’s like you’re a voyeur of somewhere you shouldn’t be. That kind of naughtiness turns me on.

So when I searched that and found this scene of newlyweds and it was in virtual reality, suddenly I just about really was there. Yes, that may be a slight exaggeration but if you’ve tried VR before you also know the exaggeration is not so big.

Get 68% off VRporn.com with our discount link. It’s one of, if not the first VR porn tube site and you really shouldn’t be missing out on this.

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